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Facebook Will Let You Hide From Your Ex After A Break-up

Dec 31, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

facebook Since almost everyone seems to be using it, everyone’s spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other are clearly visible on their News Feed. But what happens if you break up with them? No one wants to continue seeing their ex’s life plastered all over their wall. So what do you do? Until now, people had the option to block, unfriend, or hide the person, but these options do not properly sever the connection. You will still be tagged in old photos, or see their name in the suggestion box when writing a message.

Facebook has come up with a better solution and introduced new tools. These tools will pop up when you open the option to change your relationship status. The tools work in 3 ways: they provide an option to limit how much of your ex’s activity is visible to you, limiting how much of your activity your ex sees, and limiting people’s ability to see past post of the two of you.

Facebook’s Product Manager, Kelly Winters, wrote in a blog post that the company is trying to help people who are going through a tough time; these tools have been designed to make coping a little easier. People who have ended their relationships will be able to continue using Facebook with a greater sense of control and ease.

The effect of these tools can also be implemented by hiding your ex from your News Feed, but many people are not aware of this feature. Facebook seems to regularly change their privacy settings and most of the time they are in ways that are not clear to the average user. It is interesting that the company has taken the proactive step to reach out to users who are in the process of breaking up. The process walks them through the steps that can be used to reduce one’s online visibility to their ex.

Technically, these changes are only a small test that runs on the Facebook app in the US. The feedback received from these tests will determine if Facebook rolls out this feature for all its users.



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