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Facebook Will Let You Hide From Your Ex After A Break-up

Dec 31, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

Since almost everyone seems to be using it, everyone’s spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other are clearly visible on their News Feed. But what happens if you break up with them? No one wants to continue seeing their ex’s life plastered all over their wall. So what do you do? Until now, people had the option…

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What Are the Advantages of Cloud-Based VoIP?

Dec 24, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

Businesses that deal largely in making and receiving calls can directly benefit from using the Internet to connect calls instead of a traditional phone line. Due to the extensive advantages offered by cloud-based VoIPs, many businesses are switching to this advanced technology. Here are some of the advantages of cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP…

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Mobile Payment Adoption Is Slow – And Here’s Why

Dec 21, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

Mobile payment services are commonly available, but a lot of people actively avoid utilizing this feature due to data privacy concerns. People fear that they will become victims of identity theft, fraud, or their privacy will be breached if they use mobile payment systems. Inside Secure, a global leader in providing embedded security solutions for…

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How Bitcoin Is Regaining Momentum

Dec 17, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

The volatile digital currency, bitcoin, finally hit the $400 mark for the first time recently in the current year, and Wall Street has predicted that there is a real chance that this number will continue to rise. The brokerage firm, Wedbush Securities revised its 12 month bitcoin price target, and is now predicting that the…

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Yahoo Will Block Your Emails If You Block Their Ads

Nov 26, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

Yahoo has bravely taken the first step in the battle against ad-blocking software. The most widely used ad-blocking software is Adblock Plus which is used by millions of users. Statistics from Mozilla reveal that 21 million Firefox users use Adblock Plus daily and the Chrome extension has about 40 million. According to a recent post…

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FIFA World Cup 2014 – Infographic

May 24, 2014, Categories: Blog, News

Many agree that the FIFA World Cup is the biggest sports event in the world. It is a global phenomenon, a sporting event which captivates audiences once every four years. Between June 12 and July 13, you can expect social media and news outlets to be filled with updates from the tournament. For some interesting…

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The Winter Olympics – a Look Back

Jan 30, 2014, Categories: News

The 2014 Winter Olympics (XXII Olympic Winter games) is set to kick off in Sochi, Russia from 7 February and end on 23rd of the same month. It is much awaited by both fans and participants especially in Russia, Sochi being the first city in Russia to host winter Olympics since the celebrations were first…

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New HTC Flagship – M8

Jan 24, 2014, Categories: News

What is the HTC M8? Everything you need to know about HTC’s latest smartphone HTC must be wondering what went wrong. In April of 2013, they released what is widely considered being the best smartphone ever made – the HTC One. In terms of raw power, software design, and hardware design, the HTC One blew…

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Skype’s Twitter Account Hacked in Protest Against Infringes on Personal Data

Jan 20, 2014, Categories: News

The Voice over Internet Protocol provider, Skype, had its blog and twitter account taken over by the hacking collective known as the Syrian Electronic Army earlier this month. In a bold move against the Microsoft owned company, the Syrian Electronic Army took over Skype’s accounts for a number of hours, posting messages claiming that Microsoft…

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Consumer Electronics Show 2014

Jan 14, 2014, Categories: News

Another year, another Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES is the perfect time for everyone, from technology giants to small independent companies, to showcase their most exciting new technology. Previous CE shows have shown us some quite incredible (and bizarre) tech and this year is no exception. This year we’ve seen everything from virtual technology…

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