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Skype’s Twitter Account Hacked in Protest Against Infringes on Personal Data

Jan 20, 2014, Categories: News

The Voice over Internet Protocol provider, Skype, had its blog and twitter account taken over by the hacking collective known as the Syrian Electronic Army earlier this month. In a bold move against the Microsoft owned company, the Syrian Electronic Army took over Skype’s accounts for a number of hours, posting messages claiming that Microsoft…

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Making Emergency Calls over VoIP

Jan 17, 2014, Categories: VoIP

VoIP is steadily making its inexorable climb to the top of the communications mountain; slower, than many predicted, true – but unstoppable none-the-less. It is market forces, really. VoIP is cheap. Therefore, VoIP is popular. It would seem every major technology company has its own VoIP software. Apple has FaceTime. Google has Voice and Hangouts….

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Consumer Electronics Show 2014

Jan 14, 2014, Categories: News

Another year, another Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES is the perfect time for everyone, from technology giants to small independent companies, to showcase their most exciting new technology. Previous CE shows have shown us some quite incredible (and bizarre) tech and this year is no exception. This year we’ve seen everything from virtual technology…

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EU Court Rejects Cisco’s Challenge to the Microsoft-Skype Deal

Dec 20, 2013, Categories: News, VoIP

<a href=" go now.jpg”>Earlier this week, the European Court of Justice rejected Cisco’s challenge to Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype – finally ending the long running saga. The ruling upholds an earlier decision by the European Commission which gave the go-ahead for the deal in May 2011.  The decision means that Microsoft can continue…

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The Battle to Introduce In-flight Cell Phone Calls Continues

Dec 17, 2013, Categories: News, Travel

You may remember back in November when the FCC announced that it was planning to consider changing the law regarding inflight calling? You don’t? Ok, let’s recap. In November, the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States Federal Communications Commission was gearing up to propose changing the law to allow people to use their…

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The Difference Between Software and Hardware VOIP

Dec 6, 2013, Categories: VoIP

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it is hardware or software that makes it possible for people to make phone calls over the Internet. There are many internet telephone applications and some are used with internet browsers while some are stand alone applications that require a download and another type requires hardware such…

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Requirements of VoIP Infrastructure

Dec 4, 2013, Categories: VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides many users with the opportunity of making phone calls using the internet instead of other traditional phone systems. VoIP is very common in business, personal and enterprise communication. This uses communication devices connected to the internet to convert voice patterns into digital packets and send them to other computers…

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Telefonica Shuts Down VoIP Service Jajah

Dec 3, 2013, Categories: News, VoIP

In a statement released earlier this week, Telefonica, the fifth largest mobile carrier in the world, confirmed that they are closing down their VoIP provider Jajah – four years after they bought the company for $207 million. On Jajah’s website, most links redirect you back to the announcement of its closure. It reads: “As of…

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Introducing the Jolla

Nov 30, 2013, Categories: News

A new smartphone player has entered the market. A team of ex-Nokia employees have launched the ‘Jolla’ – a smart phone designed to challenge the dominance of Google and Apple. Pronounced Yol-la, the phone will run an open source operating system dubbed ‘Sailfish’. The OS, originally called MeeGo, it was developed by Nokia but abandoned…

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Skype: Aiming to Improve Service, Windows 8.1, and Helping Microsoft Lead the Way

Nov 29, 2013, Categories: News

As good a service as Skype offers, we all know the Microsoft owned VOIP client has its problems. One such problem is the difficulties you encounter when being signed into Skype on multiple devices. It’s a real headache, to be honest. Using the IM service on your PC? Bad luck, you’ll receive constant notifications on…

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