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What Are the Advantages of Cloud-Based VoIP?

Dec 24, 2015, Categories: Blog, News

cloud Businesses that deal largely in making and receiving calls can directly benefit from using the Internet to connect calls instead of a traditional phone line. Due to the extensive advantages offered by cloud-based VoIPs, many businesses are switching to this advanced technology.

Here are some of the advantages of cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP Is Cheap And Drastically Reduces Costs

The VoIP network is not situated in the premises and therefore, no costs are allocated in terms of infrastructure. The only things you will need to invest in will be good VoIP supporting phones and a routing kit. Traditional phone systems cost a lot, not to mention the costs of setting up hardware and infrastructure, the phone lines, and then the monthly bills of running and using them. Considering those expenses, VoIP costs nothing at all.

VoIP Networks Can Be Conveniently Expanded

Unlike the in-house systems, there are no limitations as to how many people can connect. Also, adding new users is much simpler and convenient than that of a traditional phone system.

Can Be Accessed Easily from Anywhere in the World

This has to be the most major and convenient advantage of VoIP. Users are able to connect from any part of the world, no matter what time of day it is. All they need is a reliable broadband connection and a device. This also means that you and your staff can conveniently use their mobiles to communicate on the go and stay up to date with those sitting at their desks. It allows for cheap and convenient correspondence no matter where your location is.

Outsourced Management

With VoIP, you can let your IT department relax. They don’t need to manage your VoIP system which reduces the workload and stress levels for that department. This also in turn reduces costs and means that less time is needed for carrying out maintenance.

However, you must ensure that you keep these things in check while using VoIP:

  • Since VoIP uses wireless networks, you need to keep a check on the security of your data. A cloud-based VoIP is still unclear due to the fact that wireless networks are used.
  • If you are using this service, it does not mean you have to own and maintain a good VoIP infrastructure. This can be considered a massive perk by some, but a massive drawback by others. It really depends on you to view it as an asset or liability, and whether you want to invest and claim ownership on VoIP.
  • While switching to cloud-based VoIP, you need to have great trust with your provider and hope that they keep in good terms with you and react at a moment’s notice when you need a few changes or tweaks in the system.



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