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Why VoIP Is Better For You

Dec 3, 2015, Categories: Blog

voip-1 Telecommunications is at the heart of many business activities and has been a part of businesses for decades now, and for a good reason. But given the current advancements in technology and how businesses have developed, the cost of traditional phone systems can be a major drawback for operations today. Not to worry though! There is another reliable and less costly way of communicating, known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP makes use of the Internet to let you communicate with others in a way that eliminates the hassle of communicating through a traditional phone line. However, you may still use your old phones, handsets, computers, and even tablets to make the call; the main difference is only the method through which the call is transmitted.

You can Experience Lower costs with VoIP

VoIP is extremely cost-effective which indicates that it will help you save heaps of money while providing high-quality sound. Since this eliminates the need to have a traditional phone line, you will be able to use the savings in paying for your Internet connections. However, VoIP also requires you to upgrade to an Internet connection with better speed by obtaining a better data package. Though this may cost you more than your previous one, it surely will cost less in the long run when compared to traditional phone lines.

If your business operations require you to make international calls frequently, then there is no need of thinking twice for obtaining VoIP.

VoIP has contributed in reducing calling costs of about 40% of local calls and 90% of international calls. This way, VoIP has been successfully able to help businesses lower their costs very effectively without affecting productivity and outcome.

Not only offering reduced costs, it offers a large variety of features that surpass the ones provided by traditional phone systems. There is a whole list of benefits and features that play a vital role in the consolidation of any business structure. The most effective features are virtual numbers, call routing and improved conference calls. Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail.

Virtual Numbers

As the name suggests, a virtual number is not in fact a real number. Virtual numbers can be set in any part of the world, regardless of where you operate your business from. Suppose you have a huge clientele in New York and it involves making a lot of calls to you, then you may get a local NY number with the area code. Whenever someone dials that number, they will be transferred to your phone. This will also mean cheaper calls.

Call Routing

With the call routing feature, you don’t have to worry about missing another call. You can have the incoming landline call routed to any of your devices and you can answer it on the go.

Better Conference Calls

Not only does VoIP offer better voice clarity, it also allows for adding an unlimited amount of people into a single call. The same can be applied for video calls where you can actually see your colleagues instead of only hearing them as with traditional phone systems.




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